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Why Should You Join Talentier?

Find New Opportunities

Gain access to new selection processes and customers who are in need of your specific talent search expertise.

Reduce Acquisition Costs

In Talentier your results will make you shine,
not your marketing spend.

Increase Your Success Ratio

We will help you with client communication and efficiency, so you can complete more recruitment process.

Achieve More by Doing Less

Forget time spent in negotiations, paperwork and contracts. Focus on what's really important.

Keep Your Processes Under Control

Be aware of your candidates' situation within few seconds. Mesure the return on effort of your talent searches, and prioritize them.

Be Efficient

Use only one tool for managing your clients, candidates and talent searches. You will be more efficient and productive.

Talentier for Recruiters in 3 Steps

Create Your Profile and Start Working

Once we process your registration, our technology will assign you the positions in which you are more likely to be successful, according to your specialization.

Send Your CVs in Blind Format

Talentier avoids conflicts over ownership of the candidates and guarantees the traceability of each of them.

Reap the Rewards

Once your candidate's hiring becomes effective, Talentier is responsible of managing and paying your commission.

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